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Randy Williams
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Eastern Fantail Club
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About Us

Like most pigeon fanciers I started raising pigeons as a child. I had several different breeds, but had not really focused in on any one kind. In the Fall of 2009, Staghorn Loft was founded. It was then that I decided I wanted to focus all my attention on American Fantails. I purchased my first few pairs from Ken Eraas. I then contacted Andrew Kearns here in Virginia and he very graciously welcomed me back into the world of fantails. After having several email and phone conversations, Andrew mention a local show that the Eastern Fantail club was having in the near future and that if I was interested he would bring several fans for me to check out and possibly purchase at that show. He brought such a great variety that I purchased 9 young fans from Andrew consisting of blue bars, silvers, powder silver and a opal. When they matured I had 9 beautiful hens.

So then the hunt began to find the perfect cocks to compliment the hens I purchased from Andrew. At this same show I met Henk Schuitemaker, who saw a black hen I had brought to show Andrew while attending the show. Showing an interest in getting me off on the right track, he pulled a black cock of his out of the show and gave him to me. One reason I enjoy the breed and the other fanciers who are members of the Eastern Fantail Club is due to the support they offer, as demonstrated above.

The first breeding season I bred from 6 pairs. I also did several remodels to the loft which is now 8x16 with a 6x14 flight pen. The loft is divided into 3 sections, one for hens, cocks and youngsters. So now for the 2012 breeding season I will be breeding from about 15 pairs of fantails. The colors include, red and yellow saddles, blacks, dunns, blue bars, mealys, red ash bars, cream bars, silvers, powder silver, indigos and recessive reds.

My breeding stock comes from great breeders such as Andrew Kearns, Henk Schuitemaker, Bob Vincent, Ken Eraas, Ron Baird, Stan Fail and Dave Gazaway, who brought the Christensen and Pola bloodline into my loft. I want to thank the great Fantail breeders that I have met over the last several years for all of their help in getting me off to a great start.